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I'm a dad of a child with special needs and also a software data science engineer. I have a great interest in education, technology, and teaching and I also see a clear connection between all of them and how they can fit together.

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Thinking in Pictures

Why can't our children with challenges use technology to express and communicate like all of us?

Thinking in Pictures

For the most part, we all think in words. As Temple Grandin explains it, there are 3 types of people: people thinking in words, people thinking in pictures, and people thinking in patterns. People with autism are on an extreme end of it and it is a challenge for them to translate into words, so they take more time to respond or speak.

Knowing the Interests

My son plays with Youtube a lot, he knows how to find the app, open it, and get to his videos without knowing how to type in words. He thinks in pictures, and this helped me know his favorite videos so that I could use it when traveling, when he was really upset, and, of course, when I wanted to sip a beer and watch my favorite comedy shows.

Technology for Help

It is hard for humans to understand patterns or interpret visual thinking. It is hard for us to find out the interests of our children with special needs. Technology can really help us with this, with computers being very good at finding patterns, interests, likes, and favorites.

By knowing a child's learning patterns and interests, we can really help our children get motivated in learning, and make therapy fun and exciting.

Express & Communicate

In the last few years, I used texting to communicate with friends and family on the other side of the world, I used chatting to manage my team and projects, I watched movies on Netflix, bought items on Amazon based on recommendations, and enjoyed the food that I never tried earlier, with Yelp's help. This was without saying a word to a person in another area. Most of all, I always enjoyed sending my expressions using emojis and pictures on social media, chats, and texts. I felt that it was more effective and easy compared to writing in words. Why can't our children with challenges express and communicate like this?

Please let me know your thoughts, thanks for reading!