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I'm a dad of a child with special needs and also a software data science engineer. I have a great interest in education, technology, and teaching and I also see a clear connection between all of them and how they can fit together.

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Machine Learning, Intelligence

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Training a machine learning algorithm "learner" to achieve Artificial Intelligence is not any different than teaching a child to learn.

A primary goal of Artificial Intelligence must be helping our children with special needs.

Our Progress

We live in a world of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence A.I and Cognitive Computing where we can learn, understand and know anyone online through their non verbal way of communication of clicks, likes, and comments.

In Common

Being a software data science engineer, during the last 8 years, while analyzing my son's needs at home and writing software to analyze the data at work, I found it very fascinating how much they both have in common.

“Artificial Intelligence can help us understand our children better, especially children who have difficulties connecting and expressing themselves socially because of their overwhelming sensory overloading”

A Cognitive Companion

Artificial Intelligence systems such as IBM Watson, Google, and Microsoft A.I. can help capture the cognitive abilities of our children with special needs by identifying their strengths, abilities, learning patterns, and skills like reading, writing, math, and problem-solving. A companion built using these technologies can help understand the child's cognitive mind and the child's actual needs to get the right services.

A.I is Magic!

Today we live in a world of technologies like Artificial intelligence, which is used everywhere, from reading a blog to self-driving cars. Our clicks, reads, likes, shopping, posting, and sharing that can help organize our lives everyday with less clutter, less junk, and focusing on things that are more important to us. Technology can help find a place to eat in a city we never visited before, to entertainment with movies and videos that match our interests and likes, which were otherwise impossible for us.

A.I for Children

Don't you agree with me? Aren't these A.I. technologies required for our children with special needs more than us? Our children are already great at using tablets and phones. Since Artificial Intelligence can really do magic, lets start that with helping our children with challenges to communicate and express themselves.

I get excited when I see something which can help my son with his special needs, but nothing was this exciting. A.I can take it to the next level, where it can help ease obstacles by just interacting with it.

I love to share lot more here, Thanks for reading!