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I'm a dad of a child with special needs and also a software data science engineer. I have a great interest in education, technology, and teaching and I also see a clear connection between all of them and how they can fit together.

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Let Kids be Kids

Personalized education for every student at the right time with right services for their needs.

Just a thought

Making an education plan for any child is a challenge. It may be because of our current education system, lack of proper tools or insight provided to our educators, or policies... I don't know. But, it is certain that it is very difficult when it comes to making a plan for our children with difficulties to express and communicate. It is time to identify our children's needs accurately instead of forcing them to fit into a system.


The Individualized Education Program is required for children with special needs, to provide additional help and services needed in an inclusive school environment.

The IEP plan starts by identifying actual needs to find and match the right services to make real progress. Without knowing the exact needs of a child, it is very hard to match services and make any progress.

Let Kids be Kids

Maybe it is time for all of us to listen to the world-renowned cosmologist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, as he states in his speech to the space foundation hall of fame award dinner - "Let kids be kids," "kids are born scientists" ... He ends his speech by saying kids are fine, I am worried about adults.

Precision Education

Personalized education for every student at the right time with right services for their actual needs can help our children overcome their challenges and present their abilities to contribute and prosper.

I leave you with this quote from Derek Bok - "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

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