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I'm a dad of a child with special needs and also a software data science engineer. I have a great interest in education, technology, and teaching and I also see a clear connection between all of them and how they can fit together.

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Autism, Know Me

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

...got to know more about my son while searching for autism in him.

Knowing your child with special needs is more important than knowing the diagnosis itself.


The only writing I have done before this was writing “code” on a computer. Writing this blog is a new adventure for me which I have now started to like.


Like everyone, I have an inspiration. It is my son! He is twelve years old and has autism.

Autism is his diagnosis, I know very little about it, but at school, the doctor's office, and therapy centers, they need it.

“For the past 8 years, I got to know more about my son while searching for autism in him. The blog - 'YOU CANNOT SEE AUTISM. KNOW ME, DO NOT JUDGE ME' is what I heard from my non-verbal son.”

My son's special needs made me look at the world differently. It gave me my strength and it made me a better person. Can I be thankful for it? Certainly not, but I am thankful for the strength it brought with it to move forward.

As Time Went On

Like every parent, my journey to the world of autism was not pleasant. It was mostly a lot of confusion and denial at the beginning. It felt like I was in a fight against time to stop the change and regression. I hated to see him losing his speech and his abilities, and I was baffled. "How can this happen?" I asked doctors to help stop it, I tried everything I could to find for a "cure" for his autism, and all I wanted was time to stop and give me a chance to breathe.

Know Autism

If you asked me, "What do you regret?" I always think, as a dad, I would have done something different to help my child. I regret the time I spent trying to understand autism and I regret the energy I spent trying to "cure" autism. I would have used that time to better understand my child. I would have prepared myself to help him on his journey of constantly battling his challenges and frustrations with expressing his basic needs. I would have made sure I understood him in a way that allowed me to meet his needs and he could avoid struggling and getting frustrated.

Know Me

As I started to understand my son and enter his world, which he loves to be in to disconnect from the world of noises and sensory overloading, I met a boy who is trying to express himself, who wants to be a friend, and to have fun. His smile and his "wet hug" after his hours in the shower showed me how to have fun. Now he is just a happy growing boy.

I have many experiences to share here. Thank you for reading!