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I'm a dad of a child with special needs and also a software data science engineer. I have a great interest in education, technology, and teaching and I also see a clear connection between all of them and how they can fit together.

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Individualized Education Program, School

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

School is an essential part of a child's life and is more significant when you have a child with special needs. It is a place that also allows to overcome social and communication challenges which are important.

Working with people helping our children with special needs is the starting point.


Is IEP really a nightmare? Try Googling it. Seriously.

Work with People Helping Our Children

As Sir. Ken Robinson says in his Ted Talk, "Teachers are the life blood of the success of the school, but teaching is a creative profession. Great teachers mentor, stimulate, provoke, engage" We have to help our teachers, therapists, special eds, and para educators with the necessary tools to understand and help our children with their special needs.

“Every time I watched my son using his iPad and tablet, I learned more about him. I realized he was capable of using it without ever being taught how. This is when I realized, maybe he is wired that way, so that he can learn a lot by using his iPad and tablet.”

Make Progress

Identifying a child's abilities with interest and learning patterns can really help parents and educators make real progress. Knowing the real needs can help professionals select the right services as well.

How Much Does He Know?

I still don't know how much my son knows or understands, because he does not think he needs to express his knowledge to learn and progress with his grades. Though during the last 8 years, I have noticed he learned how to interact with his iPad and tablet to get to his music, videos, and games. He even knew how to enter his passcode and how to switch to puzzles which is his favorite offline app when youtube does not respond to him.

School is really important, so is his IEP, and the right goals on his education plan to encourage him to learn more and make it a pleasant experience while he is fighting his everyday challenges. We have to create an environment for our children with special needs to learn and experience life the same way most of us experience our lives.

I will share more here in the future. Thank you for reading!